Donation Center

3111 Wall Avenue
Ogden UT 84401
Tuesday thru Saturday
10am to 5:30pm

Drop-off or call for a pick-up

Remodeling, cleaning, down-sizing, or getting organized? Don’t let the items you no longer need end up in the local landfills. Instead, donate gently-used and new items to the Ogden ReStore and make a difference. We are able to sell the donated items at a fraction of the original cost to the public. This allows us to raise funds for our home building efforts, Brush With Kindness programs, and other assistance provided to residents in Weber and Davis Counties.

Ogden ReStore Accepts Donations

Accepted and not accepted

Donate Today

The drop-off is on the South side of the Ogden ReStore. Make sure to go through the gates. Please ring the bell so that an Ogden ReStore associate may assist you.

**The ReStore Managers do have the right to accept and reject items that you may want to donate. We try to keep items out of the landfill. We reject items from the Ogden ReStore if they are non-working, in poor condition with rips and tears or missing parts, and are not sellable. We appreciate you thinking of us and wanting to donate your items. If we do reject your items, please understand that when we accept items that are not sellable, it actually hurts the Habitat Ogden ReStore financially, rather than helping the nonprofit store succeed. You can ask the ReStore managers for more information.

Ogden ReStore
3111 Wall Avenue
Ogden UT 84401

Pick-Up Service

If you have items that are too big and are unable to deliver your donated items to our ReStore, call and we will pick up the items for free! Pick-ups may occur between one to three weeks. Make sure to call today to schedule your pick-up appointment! We ask that you be patient with our scheduler, since it is the holiday season and we are booked out for a couple of weeks.


**The day before your donation pick-up, our drivers will call you to reconfirm your address and the donated items. They will NOT go to your home to pick-up the items if you have not reconfirmed with them on that day.